With a combined total of over 70 years’ experience in the stone industry, our team takes pride in our work and treat each home or business that we enter as if it were our own.

Our Mission:
We are dedicated to provide you with quality craftsmanship and service. Our personal commitment is to complete your project and achieve 100% customer satisfaction.



Access Countertops Ltd is a Granite, Quartz, Dekton, and Porcelain fabrication company located in Kamloops BC. We combine old-world craftsmanship and innovative techniques for everything from countertops to the walls for your home. We do it all – at affordable prices. Whether you are remodeling, a homeowner or builders, we are your one stop for granite countertops and quality sinks. We fabricate our stone products from start to finish, with no subcontractors.

We inspect every piece of granite to make sure it meets our standards, from cut to polish, to edging and size, we make sure it is top quality or we don’t sell it.

Our product line of beautiful granite, quartz, dekton, and porcelain are sourced from the finest suppliers and purchased by individual homeowners, commercial and domestic interior designers, architects, builders, and developers within mainland BC.

You can learn more about available color choices from our website or by coming into one of our showrooms.

Granite, Quartz, Dekton, and Porcelain will add lasting beauty to your home for many years.

We are proud members of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association

If you have a dream let us make it come true.

Access Countertops adds quality, beauty, and value to your home.





We Love our Countertops!

We love our countertop from Access Counters, the lines in the sink are perfect, seams are flawless, very impressed. Their crew were amazing and then there is Annie, the sales lady – she is a rock star ..lol She was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. A total 5 Star company!

– Penny N

Beautiful Countertops!

I am so in love with our new quartz counters. They are beautiful and I definitely recommend this company for counters and sinks. Very professional and quick and very competitive prices. Will do business again for sure.

– Sonia S

So Happy!

We are so happy with our beautiful quartz countertops! They were fast and efficient installing them and super nice people on top of it all! Highly suggest access countertops.

– Nicole M

Thank You!

Thank you Access Countertops Ltd. and team for your quality service, support and generosity on the Wings Above Kamloops Hospice Expansion Project.

– Nelly Dever – President/CEO – Cooper Family Foundation

Excellent Product

Excellent product, knowledgeable and courteous staff, and their professional service from helping with product selection to templating, craftsmanship and installation was an extremely positive experience. Thanks to everyone at Access Countertops….I LOVE my kitchen!

– J Murphy

Knowledgeable in the Industry

This is the second time I have worked with Matthias. Both jobs were extremely well done in a timely manner.
The first job consisted of a dual sided fireplace,counters and flooring in the kitchen.
The second job consisted of counters in the kitchen roughly 30 ft and granite placed in a master bathroom.
Working with Annie and Ashley was the right choice as they are very knowledgeable in the industry.
I wouldn’t think twice about using them in the future.

– Dale Currie

Above and Beyond

Annie and the team at Access always go above and beyond. I have worked with them on numerous projects and I am always blown away by their willingness to help and how efficient they are through the whole process right down to the install.

– Stephanie Strate

Incredible Experience

Such an incredible experience working with Access! The staff is lovely and truly passionate about the products they provide. We couldn’t be happier with our countertops!

– Jenna Vanderburgh



Can you give estimates via email or over the phone?

We will be happy to provide an approximate estimate provided measurements and layout are supplied. Please make all the measurements as accurate as possible and mark special areas (walls, curves, appliances etc.), indicate your colors, and type of sink (undermount or drop-in). While we are happy to provide estimates via email, pricing will be confirmed once we have completed final measurements before cutting.

How long is the process at Access Countertops Ltd?

There are several factors that can impact how quickly we can install your countertops:
• Availability of colors chosen
• Client and Access Countertops Ltd availability for measurements and installation dates
• Fabrication schedule

The installation time is between 10 – 14 days after templating.

How long will it take to install stone?

All fabrication is done in our shop, the actual installation should take approximately 3-4 hours at your home.

Can you reconnect my electrical and plumbing?

We are not licensed electricians or plumbers therefore we cannot make electrical or plumbing re-connections. This keeps us focused on the natural stone business to provide the best product for the lowest cost. When we leave your home, the sink is fully installed on (or under) the countertop, but a plumber or the homeowner will have to re-connect faucets and drain lines the next day after all the adhesives and caulks have fully cured.

What are your payment terms?

What are your payment terms?

  • A 50% deposit is required upon signing the quote for any installed jobs, 40% is due the day before installation, and the final 10% is payable after the job has been completed and inspected by yourself with our installers.
  • An estimate is invalid after 30 business days if no deposit has been received.
  • Measurements, fabrication, any special products or orders, will not begin, nor will installation dates be booked until your deposit has been received. If paying by cheque, the cheque must clear before any special-order products are ordered.
  • It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure prompt payment.
  • For pick-ups, and fabrication of remnants from our yard, 100% payment is required at the time of order before we will do any cutting or fabrication.
  • Payment can be made by cash, cheque, or e-transfer.
  • GST applies to all purchases, regardless of method of payment.



How will I know if my old cabinets can support new countertops?

Stone countertops can weigh upwards of 18lbs/sqft and so it is important to ensure your cabinets can support the stone to avoid problems such as seam separation. When we visit for measurements, we will also verify that your cabinets can handle the weight of the stone and suggest reinforcements if necessary.

You’re coming tomorrow! What should I do?
  • Ensure the access to your home is safe!  Stone countertops are extremely heavy, and installers need clear access to entryways. Please have your walkways and driveways cleared as well as a pathway through the home to the area to be installed.
  • Cabinets: we recommend you empty all cabinets and drawers, especially under the sink area.
  • Secure delicate items: Please remove any breakable items and cover items to protect them from the dust that can be created during the installation process.
  • Faucets: Please have any faucets or other items (soap dispensers, drinking water faucets, etc.) that need to be drilled into the countertops on site, with clear instruction as to where they are to be placed.
  • Removing old countertops: Unless otherwise discussed, the old countertops should be removed by the homeowners prior to our date of installation.
  • Plumbing:  All plumbing is to be disconnected prior to Access Countertops Ltd installing the countertops. We will attach the sink to the stone but will not reconnect any plumbing. All plumbing work is the responsibility of the homeowner and should be completed by a certified plumber or by the homeowner.
  • Appliances:  Large appliances should be removed and out of the way prior to install to avoid damage.  No liability can be taken by Access Countertops Ltd for any objects left in place during our installation.
How long are the slabs, and can seams be avoided?

Granite slabs vary in size but on average are between 108” and 130” long by 57” to 76” tall. Slabs of Quartz are 120” x 55” and 126” × 63”, there are a few larger slabs around 130” x 65” but colour choice is limited in this size. We will work with you to ensure the fewest seams as possible however seams are required based on slab size, access into your home, placement of walls and cabinet gables, etc. Seam placement will be discussed with you at the time of template.

The visibility of seams will vary depending on the color of the stone. Seams may be more visible in granite that has a lot of movement or veining. Seams are visible to touch and sight.

How much overhang can my stone support?

For 3cm stone, supports and braces are recommended for overhangs greater than 12 inches.

How thick is your stone?

98% of our stone is 3cm (1 ¼”) thick, there are some available of 2cm (3/4? ). Quartz is available in 1cm (3/8?), 2cm (3/4?) or 3cm (1 ¼”) thicknesses. Slabs of granite at 3cm (1 ¼”) are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also more structurally stable.

What type of sink should be used?

The ideal sink varies based on personal preference and space available. To maintain the structural integrity of the countertop at least 3 inches of stone should be maintained surrounding the perimeter of the sink cut out. The sink must be provided to Access Countertops Ltd to allow for proper templating and cutting.

Access Countertops Ltd is an authorized distributor of Pearl Sinks! Talk to us today about the various models available or visit them at www.pearlsinks.com.

What are my edging options?

An eased edge profile is included in your price. Other profiles are available and can priced as an option.

How thick is your stone?

Dekton is offered in 3200 x 1440 mm slabs. It is available in 8, 12, 20, and 30 mm thicknesses to suit any application.



Does granite have to be sealed?

All granite countertops installed by Access Countertops Ltd are sealed as an added layer of protection. Although the sealer will not affect the color of the stone, it will penetrate the natural pores in the stone to help prevent any permanent stains.

How do I know if I need to re-seal my granite?

To check if your granite needs to be resealed, sprinkle water on your countertops. If the water soaks into the stone and does not form a bead of water on the counter, then we would recommend resealing your granite. We can recommend granite-sealing products to help maintain your granite for years to come!

How do I clean my granite?

Granite needs to be cleaned with non-abrasive material to keep the finish. Low acidity cleaners such as mild dish detergent and warm water are the best to use, and there are also commercial granite cleaners available. It is important to wipe up any spills and liquids quickly to avoid absorption into the pores.

What happens if my granite is cracked?

In most cases, if granite is cracked there is a way of fixing it; most fabricators would replace the countertop. We at Access Countertops have the experience to fix your stone on site. While the result may not be perfect, it will be repaired to the best of our abilities and offers a more economical solution to changing your countertop, or to replacing the broken piece with a different slab which may not necessarily match.

Why doesn't my granite look like the showroom sample?

Granite is a natural, organic stone and just like any item in nature, no two pieces will look exactly the same. The composition of minerals and the deposit it was quarried from impact the colors, spots and veins.

Viewing and approving material prior to fabrication may be recommended depending on the color. If your project is being completed in stages, it is recommended you pre-purchase the materials to ensure your granite is all from the same bundle to avoid any major variations.



We are always available to answer any questions you may have about your kitchen or bathroom counters, whether it is quartz or granite, our knowledgeable staff are available to help you by email or phone.


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